The Final Touches: Adjusting Ingredients for the Ideal Muffin

The Final Touches: Adjusting Ingredients for the Ideal Muffin

Last week was a fakeout. I really thought that change was going to do it. The only and final issue we’re trying to address is decreasing saturated fat. So last week, we tried swapping out coconut oil with avocado oil, which is very low in saturated fat.

The muffins made with avocado oil were good. But, when I compared them to the muffins that I loved, they didn’t quite live up to the same level of taste and texture.

Instead of a full switch, this week, we’re going to try to substitute some of the coconut oil with avocado oil. That way, we can try to maintain the taste and texture that the coconut oil provided, while still cutting the saturated fat.

I’ve already seen the nutrition label mockup for this combo and it checks all the boxes. It also drops coconut oil down to the fourth ingredient listed from the first. These changes are ideal which is why I’m keeping my fingers crossed and also trying not to jinx it.

These past few samples have made it clear that this product has really come to life.

A pretty tasty product might I add!

I won’t lie, there was a time where I wondered if we’d be able to make muffins that truly tasted good and were healthy.

I didn’t want someone to take a bite, look at the muffin bag, and then think “yeah, it tastes like it’s healthy.”

I want them to take a bite, think they’re great, and then feel wowed by the nutrition label and ingredients listed.

At this point, all the muffin samples I’m receiving taste good.

My husband is constantly asking which bags of samples he can eat.

Even though they all taste good, we’re in refinement mode.

I have to make sure the muffins are healthy and a crowd pleaser.

It’s like cake tastings before your wedding. They’re all delicious, but you want to pick something that you, your partner, and most of your guests are going to like.

Here’s to hoping we receive a winner in this week's samples!

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