Tasting the Best Batch of Mini Muffins Yet!

Tasting the Best Batch of Mini Muffins Yet!

Last week we received the best round of samples to date. 


What a twist following a rough batch!


Up until this most recent set of samples, there was an aftertaste that I didn’t like.


We tried changing a handful of ingredients but nothing was working.


Finally, we removed the monk fruit and the aftertaste was gone.


We made a few other tweaks and now I am so happy with the taste of the mini muffins!


At this point, we only have one ingredient left to swap out, while we refine the ratio of the current ingredients to improve the texture. 


I may be going to the extreme when it comes to ensuring the ingredients are healthy, but I can’t get away from the notion that it is the right way to go. 


Unless you’re grabbing a banana, it’s hard to find an on-the-go snack made up of real, natural ingredients that you can recognize. 


This is exactly why I started Minky. 


At the beginning, I wanted to create a healthy breakfast/snack product that not only would I be happy to eat day after day, but so would other health-conscious people. 


I’m thinking of people like my dad or my friend Mary, both of whom I view as having high standards for what they put in their bodies. 


But I also wanted it to be a food product that anyone can pick up off the shelf and trust that it’s made with the good stuff. Something you don’t have to think twice about. You look at the ingredients once and you know you’re fueling your body with a nutritious bite.


As we enter the new year, I’ve been thinking a lot about the strategy and goals for 2024 and beyond. 


One of my goals for Minky this year is to do everything within my power to deliver a truly healthy and tasty product. 


This is a key stepping stone to the future of the business.


In the long term, I strive to build a brand with a similar reputation as RXBar and Simple Mills, which created healthier, better-for-you options. 


Before jumping ahead, getting the product right is the one thing that matters. And after this last round of samples, I can assure you, we’re close. 


Thank you for your patience and continued support!

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