Breaking into the $10B Muffin Market

Breaking into the $10B Muffin Market

Last week I applied for a pitch slam competition. Before we get too excited, I’m not expecting to be accepted. I had to apply in the “$1 million and under in revenue” category, while I’ve barely done a few hundred dollars in pre-sales.

Regardless, I’m planning to attend and watch all the other pitches. I want to learn from those who are farther along and take notes on the pitches that crush. Retailers, investors, established brands, and other emerging brands will be at the event.

Either way, it was a great exercise to put my first pitch deck together.

I learned a lot about the market I’m entering.

Who knew there was industry research about the muffin market?

It’s $10B today and expected to hit $14B by 2032.

Of course, the big players are Bimbo Bakeries (Little Bites), McKee Foods (Little Debbie), and Hostess.

Knowing how much healthier my product is than the leading muffin brands, I cringed at the thought of comparing my muffins to theirs.

When I stacked my nutritional information against Little Bites, Little Debbie, and Abe’s - which is an organic, vegan ready-made mini muffin - my nutritional value was far superior.

Minky Muffins have 3x-6x more protein per 4 muffins than the other brands.

Minky Muffins also have 70%+ fewer added sugars than the other options.

And ours are all natural sugars.

I’ve always wanted to make the healthiest mini muffin that I can, but when I did a side-by-side comparison of the macros my mind was blown.

Seeing the striking contrasts in nutrition made me even more bullish about the product.

It’s difficult to compare Minky Muffins to other mini muffins on the market.

They will be the premium individually bagged, on-the-go mini muffins.

Based on the nutritional value they offer, Minky Muffins are more aligned with breakfast bars than other muffins on the market.

So, they will be priced more like a breakfast bar.

It's hard to compete with the low-price muffins. Especially, if you’re going to offer a product without chemical preservatives, high added sugars, and cheap oils.

I’m investing in better ingredients and offering a higher quality product.

Eating 2-3 Minky Muffins is as filling as a breakfast bar and more satiating than 4 Little Bites muffins.

Consuming 4 Minky Muffins can be a meal replacement.

They really are that filling.

They provide enough protein, calories, carbs, and fiber to be a quick breakfast.

It will be challenging to show how this product can compete in two categories.

But it’s something I’m going to have to figure out how to communicate effectively.

Wish me luck on my pitch slam application!
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